Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hands & feet (Day 20)

Most of us have them...I'm using mine right now to write this post. (For all you smarty pants, no I'm not using my feet to actively type...pretty sure my typing would stink. "Ba-da-dum")  Although we use them constantly we most likely take them for granted. I know I do. However, in today's post I'm speaking metaphorically of these often "forgotten" appendages.

Along our adoption journey, we've had COUNTLESS people bless us with their kindness and love as we raised funds through garage sales, a car wash, a VERY involved and fun "Both Hands" project, jewelery sales, t-shirt sales, and among other things, a "36-Hour Drive to Peru" fundraiser. We also had friends donate funds outright at various stages along the way to help us. Truly, MANY people have sacrificed both financially & physically to help us get to this point, and for that we're truly grateful. Although the following lyrics come from a song that largely speaks of a Believer's responsibility in reaching others for Christ, I feel they're fitting in this context as well:

"But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them there is away?
There is a way"

In the context of this post however, MANY of you have (and are) showing Edyn and our family the love of Christ by your sacrificial love and prayers. There is one couple though, that have, over the last 20 days gone ABOVE and BEYOND for our precious family. I sit here fighting back the tears at the memories that have been forged within the walls of THEIR home which they've so graciously opened up to us. I've referenced them here and there throughout our time, but we wanted to publicly share our humblest gratitude. "Uncle David" and "Aunt Lala" (Tio & Tia for short in E's case) have showered us with Christ's love by their hospitality and generosity. It's one thing to open your home to a few people, but to open it to a family of 5 to LIVE in for 30 days or so...that's incredible! Its not just that though, they've ensured that we're well fed, they've taken us to great restaurants, and neat places here in Peru when we've had time to kill. They're related to Michelle's Uncle, so although there's no direct relationship to us- I'm pretty sure we've just kinda joined our circles. Here's the best thing- having their spiritual encouragement through prayers and godly conversation has been AWESOME. It's been so incredible to hear about how God has worked in their lives here in Peru to reach others for the risk of making this post even longer, TRUST me when I tell you this is a PROVIDENTIAL thing (or as Lala taught us- a "Diosidencia" translation-God incident).

We humbly pray that God would allow us to somehow bless others along life's journey, just as David, Lala and you have blessed us.

Today was wonderful, a GREAT church service, time with our extended family & time to relax. Here's some pictures-

David & Lala

Before a delicious lunch at Pizza Hut...for the after picture, add a few pounds.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we hope to get E's birth certificate. This is the first of four "big" pieces of documentation we need before our return back to the states. Talk to you soon. Meanwhile, keep letting God reach people with your arms, heal them with your hands and teach them with your words. 


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