Monday, December 9, 2013

Tired (Day 21)

That's the result after a long day of going from here (by taxi) to there (several miles on foot) and after waiting for someone to sign a paper here we had to wait yet again there while they printed this and that so we could have what we went for. Got it? Anyhow, it took the entire day to get E's birth certificates, but praise The Lord we have them! 

If you've ever dealt with a government in a froeign country, you understand that many times one has to call repeatedly seeking a specific document before they get it. This was the case initially today as we awaited the official sealed document from the adoptions office that allowed us to proceed with getting the certificates. At one point, as we got closer to mid-afternoon, our Attorney feared we may not get them today. We threw up some "flare-prayers" (as I call them) and God moved In a mighty way providing them just before 4PM today. We moved quickly from that office to get E's passport photos printed. 

Tomorrow our goal is to get E's ID process underway. This is the step needed before we can get her passport. Please pray 1- we can get yet another document needed from the adoptions office early tomorrow and 2- that the ID can be ready in less than 24 hours versus the 48 that our attorney suspects. 

We are all doing well, by God's grace. Jaiden seems to be coming along better now that he is on meds for his ear infection. We've begun to take note that physically, E has better days than others. At times we can see where a CP diagnosis may be accurate, yet she doesn't always have the control issues that one often sees in a CP patient. We're certainly anxious to get back to the US to have her evaluated so we can get her whatever therapy/assistance is needed. Thankfully she doesn't let this 'clumsiness' slow her down at all, just moving right along to keep pace with her brothers and to enjoy the next event in life. God knows. 

Some pictures from our day...


Hard to believe we arrived in Peru 3 weeks ago tonight. At times it's flown by, and at other times...well you know. If there's anything we've learned along the way- it's been a reminder time and again to be grateful for the freedoms we have in the US and also the hope we have through our relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're reading this, stop...and give thanks. You could be somewhere else right now, without the people and things you cherish the most. If you don't realize or agree that you are where you are by God's grace, let me tell you- a life fully submitted to God isn't always easy, but it's definitely peaceful and comforting even at times when things just don't make sense. I'd love to share more with you, please message me via this blog and I'll be in touch. 

Keep us in your prayers as it relates to getting E's ID. Thanks! 

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