Friday, June 15, 2012

Psychological Car Wash

Like the title? Read on...

God has been so good to our family! We are now only a few weeks away from final approval from USCIS- the last part of US approval for our adoption. Meanwhile we have 2 steps to complete and then we can send off the International Dossier paperwork (providing the necessary funds are readily available.)

  1. Psychological Evaluation for Jonathan & Michelle (let the funny comments begin) This will only cost us $800, much less than the $2000 and $3000 we were originally quoted- Praise the Lord! This is being done for us by a lady in NYC who is an adoptive parent herself. She understands the financial burden and desires to help as much as possible, in addition to the cheaper rate, she granted another discount for our special needs adoption.
  2. Federal fingerprinting- this should take place in early July. (This was paid for already when we submitted the USCIS paperwork).

In an attempt to raise the $800 needed for the evaluation, we're hosting a car wash fundraiser tomorrow, June 16th here in Chattanooga. Because our Psychologist is going out of town for two weeks the end of the month, we need to have the money to her ASAP so we can complete the Eval quickly.

Please pray BOLDLY with us that God will provide this amount by Sunday so we can complete the Eval this week. If we can average $10 a car and get 80 cars in the 5 hour event, this can happen easily!

We've also been approved to receive funds through tax-deductible donations! You can go to Lifesong for Orphans donation page to find out how. Please include the following either on the "Purpose" field when donating online or on the memo line if using check VIA mail: "Walterhouse #2944 Adoption"

If you can come help, help; if you can bring a dirty car, bring a dirty car; if you can give, give; and no matter what you do, pray.

From the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU! Our prayer is that one day in 2012 our beautiful princess will be in our arms and she'll sign to you: THANK YOU for giving me a forever family!

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