Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Shirt" and Sweet

Here's the deal... We posted a link to our FB accounts at 6:30 PM on Mother's Day to encourage our friends and family to buy an Adoption friendly T-shirt and support our adoption in the process. Thanks to several quick responders who ordered 6 shirts total, we've already raised $45! That's insanely cool.

For any white or gray shirt you purchase, we'll receive $8.99/adult shirt and $5.99/youth shirt. For any black or brown shirt, we'll receive $7.49/adult and $4.99/youth. At an average of $6.87 per purchase going DIRECTLY towards our adoption fees (funds sent directly to our adoption agency), we only need 75 shirts purchased for the next stage in the adoption paperwork. We're well on the way there with 6 shirts having been purchased already. Come on, you can never have enough T-shirts and to think that when you wear it, you've got the awesome feeling of having helped a precious little girl come home to her forever family. We don't need you to do it, SHE DOES.

Go to Adoption Bug RIGHT NOW and buy a shirt...or two. Also, share this with your friends and family. It'd be awesome if we could even hit 100 shirts by Friday, May 18th.


  1. Does the shirts have to be ordered by Friday, or can we order one Friday?

  2. No, we were just setting a goal for ourselves ;) We will be leaving the online store open.


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