Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Day of Nothing (Day 24)

Good evening dear friends!

This morning we were told that Mrs. Bartens, our lawyer's mom, would be going by the DNI (ID) office around 10am today to see if she could pick up the ID.  Our lawyer told us to enjoy the day as a family until we heard back from her.

So we headed out with Aunt Lala for at the Indian Market.  We spent several hours there walking around and checking out all the neat handmade items from Peru.  The kids really enjoyed looking around and trying to figure out which 1 item they wanted to buy at the end of our time there.  Jaiden & E chose a small hand-sewn Peruvian pouch and Levi chose a pair of fingerless gloves.  He wears gloves around the house all the time at home so we weren't at all surprised by his choice.  Aunt Lala spoiled them a bit more and bought each of the boys a slide whistle and bought E a Peruvian doll.  They were all so excited!

                                                          slide whistle similar to boys

Levi gloves lol

      E with the doll that Aunt Lala bought her.  She was so excited that her doll looked like her so 

Indian Market shops

Once we arrived home, we ate lunch and the kiddos headed down for a nap.  It was now close to 3pm and we still hadn't received an update from Karina or Mrs. Bartens.  Jonathan called Karina but had to leave a voicemail.  Unfortunately, she didn't call back with an update until after 5pm.  She said that they were unable to get the ID due to some logistics that we don't really understand.  Honestly, we are a bit disappointed because we were unable to get E's ID today but we know God's timing is perfect so we are holding onto that truth as our Thursday comes to an end! 

As I was finishing up that last paragraph, Karina called (10:12pm) to ask me to print a document she needs.  She asked that Jonathan & I both sign it and have it ready for her to pick up at 7am tomorrow morning.  She will be heading to the DNI office early in the morning to try and get E's ID.  

I know most of you probably saw Jonathan's FB post a few hours ago about the ID "situation" but for those who didn't, here it is:

We need everyone to pray specifically for the staff in the DNI office that they'll generate E's ID TOMORROW so we can get her passport & visa by Monday. Please ask others to join us in praying and let's watch God move this "mountain." Thanks!  

Thank you to those who are praying and for those who have rallied other prayer warriors to join us in prayer!  Please also pray for Jonathan.  He woke up this morning not feeling well due to his allergies and he progressively felt worse all day.  He went to bed before the kiddos this evening so he really must be feeling bad.  Please pray that he will be back to 100% in the morning so we can hit the ground running after Karina picks up E's ID.

 We are SO thankful to have you guys joining us on this journey!

Btw, Jonathan and his AMAZING blog posts will be back tomorrow LOL

*Here is the photo that was missing from yesterday's post about Levi & the pig

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