Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Step by step...unless you're a dead pig (Day 23)

As we approach the end of our 23rd day on this Providential journey, we are again amazed at God's provision and guidance each step of the way. The bulk of today's time was spent in one of two medical facilities getting things in order for E's US Visa clearance so we can return to the US. The first visit was with a Doctor who was very cordial and spoke great English. She was very patient with E and us as she asked many questions and examined E thoroughly. Since we moved from the Orphanage, she has gained about two pounds (which makes sense, she LOVES to eat), and is within range on the growth chart in that area. She is on the lowest end of the chart for her height, but the Doctor wasn't concerned about that.

From there, they sent us for E's TB test. For that we ventured over to another Clinic(it's actually a VERY nice hospital) about 5 miles away (yet it took us an hour to get there by taxi...that's what you get when you cram millions of people, thousands of cars, buses and lots of construction into a small area) only to find that the Vaccination office we were directed to was closed for a THREE-hour, we thought Doctor's offices in the US were bad. No disrespect intended towards our Medical professional friends. Rather than waiting there for an hour, we walked a few blocks to get some lunch. It was nice to sit down and relax for a minute, anyhow. When we arrived back at the Clinic, the individual that greeted us in the Vaccination office informed us that we had been misinformed by the Front Desk. We actually needed to go to the off we went. Only to find out that we needed to go to the Blood lab first to register...but before that we needed to go to registration to get verification that the Doctor's order was sufficient and legit, then back to the blood lab to register...then we could and DID finally return to the other lab for her TB test shot... and THEN, the day was done. Well, not really but we were able to leave the Clinic and come 'home.' By then Daddy, Mommy & E were all pretty worn out.

J & L were glad to see us, as we were them and they quickly informed us of their day's adventures with Aunt Lala. Those adventures included another trip to the food store where they saw frozen (whole) pigs. Levi is even quite confident that one of the pig's legs twitched. He was kind enough to lay on the floor and re-enact this for us after dinner. Sorry, we don't have a picture of that but here's a few from our adventures today. Then, please see our prayer requests below.

We appreciate your continued prayers! Here's a few specifics we'd like to ask you to pray with us about:

  • E's ID will be ready tomorrow and we can get her Passport
  • Peace for all of us and comfort that God has all this timing orchestrated perfectly (We also have a big family transition awaiting us quickly after we return to the US...much still needs to happen in that regard). Essentially, God needs to make the way. 
  • A buyer for our home in Chatt
  • A place to live in Little Rock
  • A second family vehicle
Love you all! 

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  1. Praying for all these things! Hope the forms worked out okay, and sounds like a simple process of medical and TB test....not that simple HA! So good to get the updates! Susan


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