Friday, December 13, 2013

When God doesn't answer (Day 25)

Yesterday we asked all of our family and friends via social to join us in prayer that E's ID would be generated by the DNI office today. As a result we were most certainly overwhelmed by everyone's prayers and thoughtful words of support last night and today, however as it would turn out- we did not get E's ID. More on that later.

I'm aware of those who've had experiences more serious than this and not having an answer from God contributed towards a falling away of sorts. I mean, HUNDREDS...perhaps THOUSANDS of people were praying for this specifically, we ourselves were praying...we paused several times and sometimes lengthy periods to pray that this would happen, but it didn't. Why? Short answer- I don't know. Please allow me a brief moment to elaborate.

It's not that God DIDN'T answer, it's just that we didn't get the answer we wanted. What we were praying for was that the ID would come today, what we got was "No'. Now- I would think that most everyone reading this would agree that deep down inside each of us there's something that pushes back at that like a 4 year old being told they can't have something they really want. As the day progressed, and once it became obvious that today would not be the day...I began to do a self-analysis of sorts and while walking to the store a few blocks away (something that has become nearly a daily trip for groceries, etc), I was encouraged with two thoughts I'd like to share here.

  1. Be Thankful- In spite of not getting the ID today, we are still 'ahead of the game' in the process and are still well within our target departure date time frame in so far as the last things we need in order to head home. Also, as each DAY passes, we see more and more the ways in which God solidifies our family and draws us closer to each other. We are all healthy- many thanks to those who prayed for Jaiden and myself in our brief bouts. 

  2.  Be Trusting- God knows best. After all, if God was one that catered to my every whim & wish- I would probably be in a miserable state. There's an old hymn that contains a line- "oh for grace to trust Him more..." Truthfully, I don't like the fact that we didn't get the ID today- but I'm at peace with it...During my prayers today, I (by God's grace) had to get to the point where I could say (it wasn't easy) "no matter what God, if you don't want us to have the be it." Evidently I (we) needed to be reminded that ultimately this process HAS reached this point...and will only move further HOW and WHEN God wants it to. It all goes back to the lesson I shared in this post last Friday. I wouldn't want a God that was predictable, one that gave me EVERYTHING I wanted when and how I wanted it...essentially, I wouldn't need to trust...I think that's called entitlement. 
Although we didn't get E's ID today, we did get word that it should be Monday. We are praying that God would orchestrate that...again, if it's His will. We are still on track to have everything completed by Tuesday or Wednesday if all goes well on Monday. Also, we had E's TB site checked today after the 48 hour period and thankfully, it was negative so no further testing is needed. All medical 'work' is now done and once we have the passport (after her ID), we can pick up her medical report for the Embassy to get her Visa. God be praised!

Lala was gracious enough to take us downtown to the main plaza where we were able to see some gorgeous buildings and the Presidential palace. Here's some pictures of our day-

Much love to all of you. Most likely we'll take a weekend blog hiatus. Talk to you on Monday- with LOTS to report God willing. 

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