Friday, December 6, 2013

"Buggy"ing through life (Day 18)

Well, our first full day as an official family of 5 is drawing to a close. It's been a great day! Our blog and video on YouTube has been viewed over 1,000 times! Wow. Thank you all so much for following along on this incredible journey! 

Today, as it relates to our journey is known as the "day of silence". Apparently the adoptions office personnel feel as though a given family going through this process needs a day to let it all sink in before beginning the fun process of getting a new birth certificate, ID, passport, etc. On our day of silence, we enjoyed some downtime, playing outside together, making hair bows, watching movies and going for a long, leasiurely stroll. We anticipate much of the same over the weekend in anticipation of a very busy week next week getting all of Edyn's documents in order so that we can make preparations to return to the US. Please pray that we can get everything done in a timely & efficient fashion! 

At one point today, we ventured a few blocks over to the grocery store. We're so grateful there is one close so we don't have to take a taxi each time we need to go. Anyhow, as you can imagine- the kids were highly interested in helping push the shopping cart (or as Michelle- my awesome wife and best friend would say: buggy) and as usual, it's a challenge keeping them from knocking the stuff off the end caps onto the floor. As we were leaving, and Jaiden was pushing the cart along, I redirected it at the last minute from a collision with an innocent pedestrian. As I did, Jaiden reminded me- "Dad, I can push it, I'm strong enough." I reminded him that even though he could push it, there were things I could see that he couldn't and I needed to help guide him. At that moment, it hit me- that's what God wants to do for us. However, too many times we're like the 7 year old that wants to keep pushing the cart along without any help. As we walked the few blocks back to the house, I had to ask God's forgiveness for all too often, for "buggy"ing through life without His guidance. 

Thanks again for all of your prayers & support. Please keep praying for our adjustment time and for provision as it relates to all the paperwork we need. 


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