Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest Post- "Smitten" (Day 16)

Thanks to my awesome brother for writing today's post. Hope you enjoy. Tomorrow is the big day, can't wait! 

I'll admit it. No shame here. I'm smitten.

You see, over the past three years I have anxiously awaited this great event. I'm not a very patient person. In all reality, I like things done right away. Have you heard the saying, "good things come to those who wait"? In this case, it certainly has come true. About a week ago, I was able to see C for the first time (via Webcam). It was kinda frightening, I'll admit. Not through any fault of C's, I guess it was just surreal to finally see this little girl (whose finger I am already wrapped around) after three long years of waiting, fundraising, and praying. 

What I really wanna brag about is how far C has come in these last two weeks. I cannot imagine going from no family to having a mother, father, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I have been so honored to be able to see C warm up to her mother, father, and brothers. It has been so neat to see her communicating with and loving on her brothers. She has gone from being shy with me and Michelle (my wife, C's Aunt...yes, Jonathan and I both have wives named Michelle) to having conversation and laughing with us. In all reality, it is probably really overwhelming for her at times. Here's the thing though, God is a big God, and he is a gracious God. Grace- that would make an awesome name ;)

The grace of God is an awesome, incomprehensible thing. Grace is what has been and is at work in C's life. Grace is the reason that C has been able to warm up to and learn to love her family so easily. 

It has been really neat to see my brother become the father of a daughter. As a matter of fact, I saw my brother holding a baby doll tonight (there's a first time for everything I suppose), but I digress. Seeing Jonathan interact with C got me thinking. Just as C will never stop being her daddy's girl, we will never stop being God's children. When is the last time you took time to talk to God as your Father? Not as a wishing well, or a lucky charm, but as your father (we all do it). Join me in taking time to thank God for being the loving Father who loves and provides.

-Uncle Josh 

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  1. Joshua, you are going to be a wonderful Uncle that all of your nephews and niece can look up to.


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