Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Educating a Professional (Day 15)

Today we had our final visit with the Adoption's office Psychologist. It was a great meeting, involving great discussion and we even had an opportunity to talk about how awesome our God is. Although things continue to move along nicely with C and our adaptation as a family of 5, we were admittedly still anxious about it. We knew that if all went well, this would be the last meeting/review that would take place before everything becomes official on Thursday.

As with any meeting of this nature, there were lots of questions and then subsequently discussion based off of the answers. Rosa (the Psychologist) was once again in awe of how well the transition is going- not only for C, but also for the boys and us as Parents. She was astonished as to how well the boys have adapted to having a new sibling, so much so she asked if we had been preparing them for this. I think I was equally as astonished at her question, but we answered none-the-less 'of course, we've been talking to them about this for three years.' Granted, I'm sure that there's been times when well-meaning folk have gone through an adoption and there's been struggles with their other children...but by God's grace, Jaiden & Levi have and continue to do remarkably well. We truly believe (and were able to share with Rosa) that the reason things are going so well is ultimately only because of God's grace. We've spent YEARS bathing this process in prayer, and our boys have uttered requests to God asking Him for help at different stages of this journey. Thank YOU for joining us along the way in prayer!

 Rosa thanked us for 'teaching her' some things and we were able to once again give praise to our God for His guidance and provision. We may never see Rosa again (our visits with her are over), but please join us in praying that she will encounter other believer's along life's journey and that one day she'll find God's grace to be sufficient and trust Him as her Savior.

On that note, I read an article today entitled "Open Your Blinds" that was very thought provoking. The premise of the article is the reminder/encouragement that we are to live our lives before others in such a way that they are intrigued by what they see in us by our words & actions. It was a great reminder in that no matter if we like it or not, we are being watched- question is, how open are we going to be? If people aren't asking questions...then we must not be giving them any reason to. If God IS God (either He IS or he ISN'T), then we must believe that he puts us in specific places, at specific times, for specific reasons- ours is Lima, Peru for about 30 days at the end of 2013. Specific purpose may SEEM like it's only to finish an adoption, but along the way...there's people that need a tap on the shoulder and a pointing to Jesus Christ. May we continue pointing towards Him as we keep walking along this journey.

Hard to believe that in a little over 24 hours...C will have our last name.

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