Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bonding through laughter (Day 12)

We enjoyed a fairly lazy Saturday. It started with a wonderful breakfast that Michelle put together (a challenge when you have to go to a store that you don't know anything about or where anything is...and if you'll even find what you're looking for) complete with delicious bacon and omelettes. It was a very good meal, especially since we're all having moments of being 'homesick.' On that note, it's hard to believe we've only been here 12 days as in some ways it feels like it's been weeks. However, we're eternally grateful for the time we've had and it's certainly been a spite of it's challenges.

Speaking of challenges- if anyone ever tries to tell you that adoption is an easy journey, slap them. OK, please- don't do that, I was kidding of course. It's amazing how quickly the stress of a journey like this will wear on one's mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual state. We're blessed to be here TOGETHER, and with all three of our kids, as who knows how much more stressful it would be if the boys would've stayed in the US. God's grace is most certainly sufficient though, and we know that comes by His providence (He SAID we would have more than enough grace for the times we needed it), and yet it's also because of YOUR prayers and support that we are able to rest peacefully at night knowing that "God's got this, and He's got us!"

A HUGE reminder of how "He's got this..." came tonight when we were putting the kids to bed. Well, Levi had already fallen asleep while we were watching a movie (although, he just said he was going to rest his parents know how that goes). Before I continue, in yesterday's post we mentioned how well the bonding process is moving along, for which we're humbly grateful! Anyhow, we were laying C down in her bed and Jaiden was there with us, we were having a few laughs when C let out a big SIGH with a huge smile on her face. It was as if she was letting us know how peaceful she felt. She proceeded to giggle a little...then a little more...and then as we laughed together, we found more things funny (tickling her, tickling her dolls, calling each other silly, telling daddy to kiss her dolls on the cheek, etc) the laughing and silliness went on for about half an hour. We thoroughly enjoyed going beyond 'bed time' to relish in the moment.

We're looking forward to being in our host's (David & Lala) Church tomorrow and worshiping our wonderful Savior with our Peruvian family. We trust that you too, are looking forward to worship tomorrow as well. Take time to relish in the freedom you have to do so- many around the world DON'T have the same freedoms we do. Last Sunday for example, no public meetings were permitted here in Peru due to the Election. Anyhow, if you ever struggle with being thankful, here's two things you can be thankful for- Freedom to worship & that you're not an Orphan sitting somewhere in an orphanage this Christmas.

Thank you for continuing to join us along this journey... as crazy FUN as it may be.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Home schooled but not Psycho (Day 11)

For those in the US- Happy Black Friday! We went shopping too...but it wasn't crazy per se, well- check out this video.

For our Deaf friends- the statement I make at the beginning is: "So as a part of today's post- I wanted to share with you a little bit of what it's like to ride in a taxi here in the wonderful City of Lima. So, bear with me and I hope I don't drop my phone on the road." Granted, the snip-it you see in the video is mild compared to how the ride was just moments prior to the point of my starting the camera. Oh well. It was a fun ride, and if I had closed my eyes, I probably would've felt as though I was in Mexico. We did make it to the mall, and found the stroller that we needed for C.

Yes, she's 5 years old but she has some trouble walking and the longer/farther we go, the harder it gets for her. We are anticipating that she will need significant therapy and we are hoping that with that will come improvement for her. She is most definitely a tough-cookie and has many falls throughout the course of a day but not once has she shed a tear. Poor thing- there's been times she's nearly face-planted and just keeps on going. Anyhow, we're thankful that we were able to get something for her to ride in when we go to all these appointments for her in the coming weeks, and then we'll be able to use it as we wheel in and through airports on our way back home.

The most exciting event of today was the first of two verification in-home meetings we'll have. Our attorney & the adoptions office Psychologist came by this morning and spent about an hour here checking-in on how things are going. All in all, they were VERY impressed with the bonding process, and how well C is doing in her new environment. God is so good. One of the things we discussed today was what things would look like for C once we get back to the US. One of the questions was about schooling. Once Michelle mentioned that the boys are home-schooled, the Psychologist was astounded and asked at what point we would move them into a private or public school. When she learned I was home-schooled all but 3 years of grade school- she was shocked. Our lawyer then took time to explain that home-schooling is very much accepted in the US and that there's regulations in place to ensure the viability. All in all, the meeting was great. Number two will take place next Tuesday, and if all goes well- court and finalizing of the adoption will be on Thursday. WAHOO!

We truly appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to walk this incredible journey. We pray that God will continue to be glorified in this process.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Day 9/10)

We are so incredibly blessed! Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this process. We're grateful to have had a wonderful family meal today (it wasn't Turkey, but it was homemade and we were TOGETHER), and that we were able to talk to so many of our family and some friends via Face-time and Skype. God is so good to us!

We thought we'd put this little movie together that might help you see & feel some of the things we have over the past week plus since we arrived here in Peru. If you've ever traveled to a third-world country, you KNOW how blessed we are as Americans. Please take a few minutes to view this...and give Thanks. Make sure you watch until the very end!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

What happend to the daily updates?

We decided to combine yesterday and today's posts... We spent some time putting together a brief video to share with you and are having trouble getting it to upload. Hopefully it will finish uploading to youtube throughout the night and we will post a new blog first thing tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving from Lima, Peru!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One BIG step...of Many (Day 8)

Today we "checked-out" of the orphanage and the mixed emotions continued for all of us, but especially for C (more on that in a bit). In the short time we were there (all but about 1.5 days since we arrived 8 days ago), we grew to love the people there and their hearts to reach other people with the love of God. It's a special place indeed, and many, many people are better off both physically and spiritually because of their dedication to love those who many have considered UN-loveable.

Back to the "Big step" taken today. After passing the initial 'probation' period, EFATA and the adoptions Office released C into our care for a 7 day period outside the orphanage. By God's grace- the bonding process continues to move along and she is obviously adjusting very well to our family. The Adoptions office staff are continuously amazed at how well C is doing. We, of course, know it's only by God's providence that this is happening and it's only because of Him that this is happening.

We signed two sets of paperwork today agreeing to provide care for C over the next 7 days apart from the Orphanage.
             Michelle signing first set of paperwork from the EFATA Orphanage 

After leaving the adoptions office, we took C to the doctor for a check-up, just as a precaution just to ensure there's nothing of concern before she returns to the doctor in a few weeks for her final medical exit clearance to go to the US. Afterwards, we made our way over to the house we'll be staying at for the duration of our time here. Once again, we're so humbled at God's goodness in providing this place for us to stay at no cost! Anyhow, C was visibly upset and began to cry when she realized that Lisa was leaving and that we wouldn't be going with her. Thankfully, Mommy was able to hold her and console her- just as she (or I) have been able to do over the last few days when those sad times hit. Within an hour or so, it was as if someone flipped a switch, she became very animated and enjoyed playing games, sitting with each of us, and being tickled. We had an awesome evening! She even loved on her "Tio" and "Tia" (our hosts) before they left on their trip home to the US for Thanksgiving. (We decided it would be less confusing for her if we referred to them as such, rather than Michelle's Uncle's Cousin & husband). The boys truly enjoyed seeing her excitement and communicating with her. She was more communicative tonight in a few hours than she had been most of the time over the last few days.

How do you describe "F-A-M-I-L-Y"? C described it quite simply at one point tonight. Tia plugged in the Christmas tree and when C noticed, she too lit-up, pointed at it and then to each of us in the room and said "Family." Guess what- there's NOTHING under the tree, just PEOPLE together in a room. She sees life for it's simplicity- being loved and cared for. Have you made life too complicated? There's only one place you can find true, everlasting peace and joy and here's a hint- it's not in stuff or people- both will let you down and some point in life. We pray that because of God's work in our hearts, C will one day understand God's love for her and receive His gift of Salvation. 

Talk to you again tomorrow! 

P.S. Forgot to share this picture of some of the "Gran Fiesta de Helado" (Grand Ice Cream Party) Indeed, it was so much fun!  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mixed emotions (Day 7)

What a day! We enjoyed another day of time together as a family on the Orphanage Campus today. It's been very nice to sit together and do what feels like 'nothing' at times, however we know it is only in these times that formidable ties will form and continue to grow. Granted, we are actually doing SOMETHING- just not the normal fast-paced life as it's known in the US. We've enjoyed lots of matching games, coloring, Curious George (C enjoys watching the animation), dolls (yes, it's started and I love it), swinging on the play ground, & good old-fashioned snuggles.

I had the privilege of spending some time with local community & Ministry interpreters this afternoon talking about the profession of Interpreting. I'm certainly no expert, but I enjoyed sharing some of my experience and encouraging them to strive to be the best interpreters they can be, and to use their profession & ministry to be a blessing to other people.

After said meeting, we had an interesting experience- and it even made Fox news. We had been warned that we may experience some tremors, and that most likely it would be over as soon as we realized what it was. However- this one was fairly more significant than what they usually experience here in Lima. As you read in the report- it was a 5.8 and no injuries or damage was reported. It was definitely a surreal experience. We're grateful that it was not any more significant.

We ended the day with an Ice Cream party for all. Some friends suggested the idea and we had been thinking of doing something for all the kids and staff here, and it seemed like the most "FLAVOR"ABLE plan. All in all, about 80 of us enjoyed Sundaes with banana slices, chocolate straws and whipped topping (while it lasted). It was an honor for our family to 'sweeten' the day and raise all the kids blood sugar before sending them back to their dorms for bed. If there's one thing we've been reminded of over and over the last few weeks- it's that as Americans, we take TOO MANY things for granted.

After the party, we retreated back to our apartment for the final night's stay here (tomorrow we'll move to another location in Lima where we'll spend the remainder of our time), and it was evident that C knew as much. Poor thing was very emotional. It was certainly hard on Daddy & Mommy to know that her little heart is so full of so many mixed emotions. Please keep her (and us) in your prayers, that she'll be comforted in the fact that although she may experience new places & people- Daddy, Mommy & brothers will be there WITH her to experience those. As I write, she is sleeping peacefully near me and knowing that I was able to hold her as she cried to sleep, as hard as it was- I'm so thankful that I was able do so. On that note- I think I have a clearer picture yet again of my relationship with God- how many times does He look at me while I'm wringing my hands in a worrisome state about the unknown? He simply looks down as if to say- 'Son, I know what's next...and what's next after that...and all you have to do is stick with Me, TRUST ME, and it will all be okay.'

Thanks again for keeping up with our journey!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family "pho-toe" (Day 6)

Well, we can't really share a true family photo yet, at least not until after court... Which we hope will be soon. 

As I mentioned yesterday, today was an Election Day here in Peru and as a result- no public meetings could be held (Church services included). Kinda makes you appreciate the democracy we DO have in the US, regardless of what you may or may not like about our government. So...we started the day off right with some delicious Tamales and ended it with a trip to a local mall where we bought C her first toys (with her being present) as the adoptions office personnel want to see that we really care about her and apparently buying her something she wants shows that. Forgive my sarcasm- not until writing that did I realize how silly that sounds. Never mind the fact that we've spent 3 years of our lives working on this and spent THOUSANDS of dollars along the way. We know they want what's best for her. And for that we're grateful. 

Not much exciting news for today...unless you want to hear about my getting separated from Michelle, the kids & our host in the parking garage tonight. The plan was I would take the parking ticket to a self- pay kiosk and pre-pay for the exit...them meet up with them. Problem was, I went to the wrong exit...then back upstairs to look for them...then back to the wrong exit...then I waited, and then after circling 2 of the 3 floors (I knew they wouldn't be on the third floor)... I decided to lay prostrate in the middle of an empty space as that would get the attention I needed. Ok, not really- after talking to some of the garage attendants, and getting an email by way of our host's daughter- I was directed to the correct exit and reunited with my family...and we live happily forever after. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Emotionally draining... (Day 5)

If you've ever been through an adoption process- you know that if anything can be said about it, the term "emotionally draining" would fit quite well. Last night & today has been especially so. We've just passed the 48 hour mark of having Claudia with us in the guest house here on the Orphanage's campus. Although she went to bed on her own last night, without asking for her "dorm," she has had some rough moments here and there where it seems she is 'homesick.' Naturally, we can't even begin to imagine the thoughts running through her mind. One can only imagine the fear/excitement/wonder that she has and continues to experience.

We continually remind her of our love for her and are making every effort to ensure stability. We are confident that with time...she will grow more comfortable and understanding of our love and concern for her. Jaiden & Levi continue to do great, caring for their sister and ensuring that she is safe.

Please continue to pray for us as we bond & move closer to Tuesday- the day the officials will declare that Claudia is to leave the orphanage and live with us temporarily here in Peru before we go to court for the official hearing. Although we're looking forward to that because it's one step closer to going home, we hate to leave the Orphanage. Our hosts (The Kotvas family and many other staff here) have been SO generous and hospitable, it's humbling. Then there's the kids...can't even begin to describe the joy it's been to love on the kids here. Granted, a lot of them are children of the staff & teachers, but then there's the ones who soak up love & attention. What a joy it's been to push them on a swing, encourage them along the monkey bars, or kick a ball along. Children are a gift from the Lord, and having the privilege of loving those who've not been treated as such is truly an honor.

Tomorrow is election day here in Peru- no public meetings are permitted on such days, so we don't have the privilege of attending any Church services. Meanwhile- we should be able to eat some pretty neat food. I'm sure that will make it's way into tomorrow's post somehow.

Much love to each of you for your continued prayers, thoughts and expressions of love. Please keep in touch- it's encouraging to know these things!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Daddy's help & Mother's consolation (Day 4)

Had a great day with Princess Claudia as well as of course, Prince Jaiden and Prince Levi, respectively. We woke early (around 6 am) and were lively from the word go! After a nice bowl of ceral for breakfast (and for those wondering, no I will not include every-single-Facebook-worthy-status-event), we went along with our host Lisa, and three of her children to a local park for the morning. 

We were met at the park by our lawyer and the Adoptions office psychologist. They wanted to see more interactions with all of us and ensure that everyone is adjusting well. Apparently, we are because after about an hour, they left and told us they'd see us on Tuesday when we will take Claudia out of the orphanage for good. Wow, just writing that gives me goosebumps, she-Claudia, this precious bundle of life that was abandoned at 10 months old and has lived in an orphanage for all these years, will leave for the final time. 

Back to our day. We enjoyed our time at the park, running around, swinging, sliding, see-sawing (is that a word?) and even trying our hand at the monkey bars. Here's where daddy comes in- there was a precious set of eyes that glanced our way and signed- "Daddy, help" so, naturally I obliged. Although, it's nothing different than how I respond when the boys ask for help- there's something special about being asked that question from my princess. 

After our playtime, we decided it was time to see what a grocery store trip with three was like, we figured there was no time like the present so off we went. It was fun, we got all the necessary items and didn't lose anyone to boot! 

Just before dinner, it was deemed necessary that all kids bathe as they had also spent time playing on the playground here at Efata. This is where a Mommy's consolation comes in. Apparently this reminded Claudia of one of her care-takers and she became weepy. Michelle was able to console her, and reassure her of the fact that we love her and care about her. We know these times/feelings will come and go, we just pray for wisdom to respond the best we can- with unconditional love and support. 

Sans all the extra dirt, we enjoyed another family meal and then some more quality time. Claudia went to sleep comfortably after our "loves" and a family prayer. God is good. 

Jaiden & Levi are GREAT brothers to her. They themselves are doing very well and of course we're trying our best to make sure they know that our relstionship(s) with them haven't changed at all...that there's enough love to go around. We're humbled to see the love in their heart for this precious girl, who they know little about, just as if she had been a part of our family for her entire life. 

We covet your prayers that over the weekend and first part of next week- we'll continue to bond, and that The Lord will continually be honored. That said- have you ever wondered about whether or not God really loves you? Shouldn't His mere sacrifice on the cross be proof enough? Struggle with the thought of that? Just takes faith. The same amount of faith it took Claudia to believe "Daddy, Mommy & brothers" were gonna fly in on a big airplane to meet her and take her home. She believed people when they told her, evidenced by her telling everyone she met... She believed these people because she TRUSTED them. Who in your life can/should you trust about big life decisions? 

Much love. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A day of firsts (Day 3)

Our internet connection for the next few days may be touch and go, we're certainly grateful that we have ANY connection but it's nothing like what we're used to, so we appreciate your patience while we try and keep in touch and keep everyone posted. 

You just want to know if we met our special Princess, right? Well- you do remember how one keeps another in suspense, don't you? By not writing this blog fast enough- that's how. (Did we succeed?) 

Well, today was indeed a day of firsts. We had the privilege of meeting Claudia for the first time. We had our first interaction, our first gift exchange, our first hugs, our first walk, our first time of swinging together, our first tears, our first hair-brushing, shoe-tying and our first PB&J dinner with Chips & Oreos. We even showed Claudia how to eat an Oreo correctly by opening it up and licking the filling. Michelle also just had the first snuggles till-she-fell asleep (she, being Claudia of course). 

It's certainly been an emotional day to say the least. We've had some happy moments, as well as some sad ones. Claudia is still, of course, adjusting to the idea that we are her family now and that she will be with us permanently. She initially loved the idea that we were here, but she wanted the comforts of what she has always known- her dorm (her friends/caregivers/bed etc.) At the recommendation of the leaders here we certainly want to be flexible for Claudia, but at the same time- encouraging her to stay with us and play/talk/eat...and hopefully sleep. As I write, She has stirred some and has a curious look about her. We've just assured here we are here, we are Dad & Mom and that we love her. I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through her little mind. 

It's in this that I'm reminded of my relationship with Christ- sometimes I want only the benefit of being a Christian (going to Heaven) but I want all the pleasures of MY life... May I learn, that only HE knows best and it's only in daily surrendering to Him that I may find true joy.  

We are truly humbled again and again by this experience, and know that this is just the beginning. Thank you all for your continued prayers, support and kind words! Please continue to join us along this exciting journey. Talk to you tomorrow. 

P.S. for consistency's sake- we are going to try and refer to Claudia as such until we can legally change her name and begin teaching her that. 
P.S.S. We will not be posting pictures until after court. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walking while waiting (Day 2)

The best stress reliever and time passer (ok that's probably not the best English, but I'm writing this...not you...ok, maybe there's still a tinge of stress, ha.)

Anyhow, today we had the awesome privilege of exploring several parts of Lima since we had the extra day while we wait on a final piece of paperwork. (Questions, see yesterday's post.)

We explored part of the San Isidro district (where we're staying), and saw beautiful flowers, parks & architecture.

The boys, Michelle and I enjoyed being outdoors and exploring the area. We saw lots of people, and although we didn't have any conversations beyond the typical salutations- everyone seemed very friendly. We returned "home" and the weather was so gorgeous that it was nice to have the doors and windows open. While we were waiting for our next adventure, Michelle was flipping channels on the TV and notice something pretty neat, a Sign Language interpreter on the government and news channels here in Peru.

After lunch, we rode along with our host to the MiraFlores district (where she and her husband lived until recently), as she had some business there. The boys and I were able to get much needed haircuts while in that part of town. In fact- just as many things I've heard, seen & done, it took me back to my time in Mexico as a teenager (silly, I know but hey- nostalgia hits at random times). Anyhow, point is- haircuts are done and it only cost about $15 for all 3 of us, can't beat that. We then meandered a few blocks over to the coastline where our host showed us the outdoor mall before she left us to return home. We took the next few hours to leisurely wander a few miles to the lighthouse. We enjoyed many beautiful sights and things along the way.
(Lest you begin to chastise us, there's ground underneath them- I believe this is called artistic liberty.)

After letting the boys play in the park near the mall, we found ourselves (somewhat miraculously) inside a Starbucks (can anyone say White Choc Peppermint Mocha?!?!). We then decided on a local joint called Pardos Chicken for dinner. It was delicious food, an outstanding view and a great price, only about $30 for all of us. 

To cap of the day, when we returned to the place we're staying- our attorney called to inform us that everything is in place for our 2PM meeting tomorrow at MIMP where we'll move quickly to the orphanage to meet our Princess. Thankfully, we'll be able to spend the duration of our time with her. Starting at the orphanage tomorrow, until after Court next week sometime, then we'll move back here to the house in San Isidro where we'll remain until we return to the US. We're truly excited about tomorrow's events and ask that you'll join us in praying that God will be glorified. There will be several people in the room when we meet her for the first time to evaluate the reactions had by all- our prayer is that it will be such that they are astounded at the love in the room that can only come because of a relationship with the one who IS LOVE. 

Hope you're enjoying these posts. We enjoy having you along with us on this special journey. Please feel free to share this blog with others so that they can enjoy it as well. 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hurry up & Wait (Day 1)

Well, that's about the best way to sum up today's activities. As we said yesterday though, God is Providential! The short of the long is- the final document that MIMP (Peruvian Children & family services), needed wasn't generated by the US embassy until today. This document should be delivered to MIMP tomorrow (Wednesday) and as long as it is, we'll be able to meet her on Thursday afternoon and will not have to part ways after that, except maybe at night (for the first few nights, she may sleep in the dorm as she's used to doing). 

All in all, today was a great day- Jaiden and Levi got to meet some other kids and have some fun, we got to see parts of Lima as we went food shopping and then to the meeting at MIMP today (which is where we went today and had our first meeting with the attorney and psychologist). It's been a long day after having arrived at midnight and not getting to bed until roughly 2 am. 

Tomorrow we'll enjoy some sight-seeing and time with the boys since we have the extra day to wait. As the psychologist asked Michelle today- "will it be hard on you to wait 2 more days to meet your daughter?" Answer- "Of course it's not easy, but we've waited three years to get to this point, what's a few more days." 

Some things transpired after the fact today that reminded us once again- God, in His good. More details on those things later...

Day 1- done. Good night. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A journey of 1,000 miles....

Well, It's not just a journey of 1,000's actually a journey of 3,296 miles (according to Google). and along the way we've experienced many joys, trials, fears & faith-growing experiences.

I remember the day it began, almost like it was yesterday. I know for sure that it definitely wasn't yesterday, it was a little over 3 years ago (October 10th, 2010). It began over a nice Lunch (Chinese food in fact, as I was reminded the other day) with some friends. Can we just say that it was providential? It was... You see- it starts way back when my brother met a young lady (this may seem strange, but stick with me), they became friends...then began dating...well, you know what comes next. So, we're in Jacksonville, Fl for their wedding. His bride just so "happens to be" (Providence) from there. The day following their wedding, we visit a Church that my family attended when I was a child. Afterwards- we join the Pastor & his family for lunch. As we talked, the subject of adoption came up. You see, our friends were in the middle of their adoption journey (again-Providence) and we began sharing our desire to adopt.

Why the desire to adopt? It was something we had discussed early on in our relationship- you know, the kind of talk a couple has when getting serious about Marriage- how many kids, where do we live etc. We thought this was something that we would do 'someday.' In talking with our friends, it was recommended that we start the adoption process 3-5 years ahead of the time we wanted to welcome another child into our home. The discussion continued...(we talked about details such as where we wanted to adopt from, the age, the sex etc.) It was almost in slow motion that we heard the next statement out of Tricia's mouth- "I got a call from the orphanage the other day and they're looking for a family for a specific child." She began to share the details she knew, then she said- "Pray about it, and let me know. I'll put you in touch with the Missionary family at the orphanage". (I may not be using the EXACT words...but you get the gist.)

We didn't have to pray long. Within just a few short days, we had a peace from God that this was HIS plan for our family. I could go on...and on...and on sharing all the details of this 3 year journey, but it would take hours to type it all out, and you might get tired of reading. Over the following month- we'll do our best to share more of our journey and the awesomeness of God in it. We believe God has ordained this journey...and in doing so, He orchestrated EVERY. SINGLE. STEP (or in today's case- MILE.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lima Bound!

Two weeks from today we'll be boarding a plane headed for Lima, Peru! Yes, everything is now in order for us to travel to finally meet our princess in person and to finalize the adoption and bring her home to her forever family! Over the weekend we were able to buy the needed plane tickets! It was only by God's grace and provison through many family and friends who prayed, donated, shared our blog and social status updates. We're eternally grateful to each of those who have had ANY part in this incredible process along the way.

We have also received a final total of donations from our "36 Hour Drive to Peru"and they totaled an amazing $3,047!!  Praise the Lord!!

We still have appointments to tend to, papers that have to make it from one office to another and these types of things could either be done efficently or...well, not-so-efficiently. Please pray that paperwork will arrive to the right individuals at the right offices at the appointed time so that there won't be any delays that will cause concern as we move farther into the month of Decmeber and get closer to the Christmas holiday. At this point, we're scheduled to return to the US on Christmas Eve, together- as a family-- can't ask for a better gift!

How can you pray for us in the next few weeks?

  • That we can get everything (as it relates to our home/ day to day needs here in US) in order prior to our departure in 2 weeks. 
  • That our boys will travel well, and adjust to a very hectic and busy schedule for a few weeks while there in Peru (we're SO thankful that they're able to go along- we started this process as a family, and will complete it as a family...with an additional member of course). 
  • Once again- for the paperwork and the trail it must take & all the hands that must hold, read, stamp, sign, pass along etc. 

Once again, thank you all for your prayers and assistance along the way- to God be the Glory, great things He has done!

Jonathan, Michelle, Jaiden & Levi