Thursday, December 19, 2013

UPDATE- Moving mountains (Day 31)

Please forgive the lack of posts yesterday and today (Saturday), long story short- God moved the proverbial mountain(s) yet again and as I type, we're home in the US! It's been a whirl-wind 36 hours and this on about 3 hours sleep. We'll compose an exciting post tomorrow (Sunday). Appreciate your prayers and support. 


Most of you are aware by now, LOADS of things happened today with our journey. To sum it up in one word- God. That's all. Really, we could end today's post right there but for anyone that knows me- you'll probably agree that I'm usually not a man of a few words. At least not once I start to talk or write. 

On to today's events- our lawyer(s) were promptly at the main ID office today when it opened as that is where we were told the paperwork would be delivered first thing today. They were expecting an uphill battle trying to push for its printing by late morning and it's delivery to the pick-up office on the noon courier run. This way, we would hopefully have it by mid-afternoon and subsequently get the passport. Enter God. (Of course He has always "been here" and "mountains" have always been moving- it's just that these were the size of Rushmore-minus the faces, and we got to see them moving right before our eyes).

 The phone call that changed it all. While waiting to speak with someone, Karina's phone rang. It was someone from the ID office letting her know the ID had been generated and would be sent to the San Borja office. Then, almost immediately another call came in, this time from the lady we dealt mostly with yesterday at San Borja, who said "We have your ID ready, come and get it." Naturally, she did. She informed us as she was on her way and I contacted Guille so he could reach out to his contact at the Passport office. (Mountain moved)

Within 30 minutes, Marilena (Karina's mom) arrived with the ID and while we were holding and admiring this most precious piece of plastic that has taken years off the end of our lives, Guille pulled up. We piled in his car to head over to the Passport office. We first had to stop at the Banco de la NaciĆ³n (Nation's Bank) to pay the Passport fee- it's kind of nice that in any government office here, no money changes hands...I suppose it's to prevent the appearance of fraud or preferential treatment.  Anyhow, we walked into the bank and we're stopped by a line of people. Our wait there would've easily been 30-40 minutes were it not for the Peruvian version of the ADA. Since E was with us, and she is considered handicapped, we were moved to the front of the line. We walked out in about 8 minutes. (Mountain moved) 

We arrived at the passport office and while getting a few necessary copies made next door, Guille went ahead to notify his contact we were there. We must've walked past 30-35 people waiting to submit their passport application. We submitted E's and had her picture taken in less than 15 minutes. Then, we walked over to the area where one awaits the printing and delivery of their passport. Guille shared a few words with someone who appeared to be in charge behind that desk and within about 10 minutes, I was handed a hot-off-the-press passport. Literally, it was still warm when they handed it to me. (Mountain moved)

We immediately went to the Doctors office to request her medical file. Long story short there, the files were expedited this afternoon to the embassy to await our appointment tomorrow morning at 10 AM. More on that in a bit. We're not supposed to be able to have an appointment at the Embassy tomorrow, and Karina was trying to get an appointment for this afternoon- but the Counsel was not going to be able to see us. They were so gracious to grant us an appointment tomorrow under the circumstances. (Another mountain moved.) 

Wow. What a day. Go God. He did all these things, and He did them in His time and in His way. I'd like to day we never doubted but if you've read this blog, you know that's not true. I'm pretty sure that's true for all of us from time to time in our lives. If you DON'T ever doubt, we need to talk. Apparently you've got plenty of money and stuff in this life and you need to share. 

Here's what's really awesome about all this timing. The Doctor's office closes at 1PM tomorrow (their normal lunch closing time) but they won't open again in the afternoon as they usually do...and in fact, they won't open until NEXT Friday. So, IF we had not been able to get the ID until tomorrow morning, and if we hadn't been blessed to meet Guille (who um, by the way is a part of a small group of 7 or 8 couples that God has flipped upside down since April of this year...several marriages reunited, several of the couples got saved...all because of a marriage retreat...and David & Lala "Just-so-happen" to be a part of this group assisting the lead couple...I could go on) we may not have gotten the passport until later in the morning...which may have caused us to miss the 1PM closing. 

I rest my case. Mountains moved. That is all. 

Tomorrow, we have E's Visa interview at 10 AM and Lord willing, we'll have her visa. If not, Mountaims will still be moved. 


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