Saturday, October 26, 2013

Funds what?

By God's grace and through much help from family and friends- our "36 Hour Drive to Peru" drive last weekend was a huge success. We do have preliminary numbers on funds that came in, and are still awaiting a few more donations that are en route. We will update our fundraiser thermometer as soon as all donations have been received.
With the donations that were made, (we had monetary as well as sky miles)- we will be able to purchase our airline tickets. God willing, we'll be able to make this purchase and finalize travel for the week of Nov 18 very soon. We had hoped to make the purchase already but at the recommendation of our Peruvian attorney, we're waiting a little longer to make sure the US embassy in Lima receives the necessary notifications. Which, by our Social Worker's calculations- should be within the very near future.
Please pray that things will be in order quickly so that we can buy the tickets. There's many facets to this- US Customs, US Embassy office, Peruvian Family & Children Services (MIMP), and our Attorney. Also please pray that tickets will be less expensive since we've had to wait (yes, not the norm but God is a big God!).
By His Grace,
Jonathan, Michelle, Jaiden, Princess & Levi

Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest Post: $36 Drive to Peru


As of Sunday evening, November 3rd at 7PM, we've raised $3047! Thank you to all who've given, prayed & shared our blog.

Hey Everyone!! 
My name is Niki Fairchild and I have hijacked the Walterhouses blog to share something very near and dear to my heart.
I'm going to go on and jump right in... Here's what's going on- As many of you know, my sweet friends Jonathan and Michelle Walterhouse have been working towards adopting a very precious girl (who is deaf, and was abandoned in the hospital at 11 months old when her parents found this out) from the country of Peru. They have been working on this now for 3 years, (36 months)- and are now at the very final hurdle of purchasing the costly plane tickets to bring their daughter to her forever home. This will cost approximately $3,600. Simply put, they need your help and I'm asking you to please pray and see if God would want you to give. This family was vital in helping me get out of a bad place in my life and have continued to be a source of godly wisdom, advice, support, love and friendship. I am forever grateful for their friendship and count them and their two little boys as my own family. I would love nothing more than to see their family complete. As many of you know this family has been cautioned not to have any more biological children due to some genetic disorders. Yet they know their family is not quite complete, their daughter is still in Peru..
If we can find 100 people, that's it...just 1-0-0 people between now and Sunday, 10/20 at midnight- that would ensure they can purchase the tickets and travel around mid-November. Then, they  an have their princess home for Christmas and their whole family together under one roof- what a present. Celebrating an orphan being found, and NO LONGER being orphaned during the season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to ADOPT us- don't you want to be a part of that? Just $36, and then share this with your friends and ask for ONE donation... we only need 100 people to make this happen. Their goal is to be able to purchase tickets by Tuesday 10/22. Thank you! 
Here's the link, (and PLEASE notate "For Walterhouse Adoption Fund")-
If you can, please give to help a family that gives to others without reservation. Let's help them bring their baby girl home to be with her family for Christmas!
Thanks everyone for your prayers and support!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is this really happening?

My heart is completely overflowing right now!  Lots of tears flowing, both happy & sad.

SO much has happened today pertaining to the adoption and I'm just now starting process what all of this means for us.  WHEW!!!  Let me see if I can give you a run down of what has transpired today.

After a quick prayer from our boys that our package from our adoption agency would arrive today, Our FedEx man arrived with a much awaited stack of papers! I think he may have thought I was crazy because I told him I'd been waiting for him. LOL!  I was able to briefly look through them but knew nap time would be my time to get a few thing printed and everything in order to take to the post office.  The boys and I spent some time together and then it was nap/quiet time for both boys.

I took this quiet moment to read through the documents we received and pray for our little princess and all who have been a part of her life.  She has come so far in the last 3 years.

Then I spent some time on the phone with our Case Worker, Susan.  What a God-send she has been to our family during this crazy long process.  She was able to help me sift through all the documents to figure out what was what.  We then discussed lots of important details - travel, visas, final fees and lots more.  She helped calm my anxious heart about what the end of this whole process/transition with be for our entire family.  We are forever grateful for the amazing support she has provided for our family!!  Thanks Susan!

Then it was time to get everything printed, signed and dropped off at the post office.  Shout out to our local post office clerk, Mike.  He always asks about our princess and makes sure the boys have plenty of stickers before we head home.  We had to get our obligatory photo with the envelope.  Thankfully it was the FINAL one!

So where do we go from here?  That's a good question.  We wondered the same thing.

We now start praying & searching for the perfect plane tickets for our family.  We are looking for tickets 1 month from now. WOW...did I just type that?!?!?!  We must also make preparation to be in Peru for a month.

We need to get there quick, this has been 3 years in the making...Would you have a part in helping us get there as quickly as possible?  Could you spare $25 or $30 to help us reach our goal?  Maybe you'd like to pay for Princess' plane ticket back to the US (she only needs a one-way ticket...WAHOO!)  Maybe you can give $5 or $10, if everyone gave something, the goal would be met quickly!

Most of all, please pray for cheap plane tickets!

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Daddy, Mommy, brothers."

We've had the privilege of chatting with someone very special (if you're not sure who this is in reference to, you may want to watch THIS POST) on a few occasions recently. Just about a week ago, Claudia was informed that she had been matched and she was given a picture of our family- she immediately made the connection and told those around her that we were her "Daddy, Mommy & brothers." We're honored to have had the privilege of working with such a phenomenal organization that's been in existence in Peru for many years! As we were reminded recently by a special speaker at our church- "With God, nothing is coincidental, nothing is accidental, nothing is incidental, everything is PROVIDENTIAL."

If there's one thing we've learned (or been reminded of) time and again throughout this process, it's that God has ordained every step. That being said, we're so thankful for Efata Ministries and the Missionaries that have served there throughout the years. Were it not for those who gave of their lives many years ago to move to Lima, Peru- this experience, would not have become a reality. Had it not been for the fact that my brother and fiance (at the time) decided to have their wedding in Jacksonville, FL- we would not know the joys experienced over the last three years on this journey. (We could spend hours elaborating...and would love to- just not in blog form).

Update on paperwork-
Tomorrow, we should receive via Fedex (shout out to our friends who work for them)- all of the final papers that will be sent to the USCIS office so they can approve the I-800. Once we have that, we then can arrange our travel to and from Peru. Please continue to pray for these very final steps of this process. Here's some ways specifically you can pray for us:

  • I-800 Approval 
  • Final adoption expenses
  • Airfare tickets (Do you have or know someone who has Delta sky miles they're willing to donate?)  
  • Claudia's health & for her during the upcoming transition
  • Our family as we continue following the Lord's leading on this journey
May God bless each of you for your prayers, donations & loving encouragement during our journey over the last three years! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The End is Near

     The end is in sight. Lots of things have happened since our last post. Many of you have kept up with the adoption by speaking to us directly-for which we're truly humbled and grateful. The amount of support from each of you, be it in form of words, prayer, finances- has truly been humbling. We're forever indebted to each of you for your role in bringing our precious princess home to her forever family. It seems as though by this time last year, we had begun to realize and accept the fact that our adoption would not be completed in 2012 as we had fervently prayed and hoped for. Now, in God's time it seems as though our trip to Peru is imminent. Surely if there's one thing we've been reminded of throughout this process it is that God is INTIMATELY involved with every INTRICATE detail and He brings about the result He desires in the exact time in which He wishes it to happen. So...what's next?

     As you may be aware by now, we've finally been matched with the little girl with whom we've been acquainted (and have been praying for) for several years now. We received word of being matched on September 26th and since then have been working towards getting our clearance to travel. So- when do we travel? That's a great question-- remember the part about God bringing things about in His time-- yeah, that's what we're trying to remind ourselves of. However, as Michelle so aptly stated the other day- we have more days behind us than before us. We truly believe that. 

     Making a long (and seemingly complicated story short) we received pre-approval to travel with intent to adopt by US Customs way back, and now that we've been matched- we have to notify them and get final approval.This is called the I-800 process. Remember the part about God's timing? Yeah-- (sigh) sense a pattern here? For those who are familiar with the Old Testament story in the Bible of the Children of Israel, you might appreciate this feeling of wandering around in the desert for "40 years". Maybe you're in a similar situation in your life right now, you're waiting on the next step in life in some way...but for now you're just wandering. Thankfully God provides DAILY what we need, whether we're in the proverbial desert or making our way to the next destination. As you've been so gracious to consistently pray for us, we'd be honored to return the favor- please drop us a note by email, or facebook and let us know what we can pray with you about. Anyhow, we are confident (as is our Social worker & our Lawyer in Peru) that Lord willing, we should be able to travel sometime in November/December to finish this process that's been three, yes three years in the making. 

     Prayer is certainly what we need most. Please pray that the Customs office will process our I-800 paperwork quickly. Pray specifically for Ms. Mariah Wilson, she is the officer assigned to our case. We've been told it could take as many as 6 weeks...but we serve a God that can certainly make our paperwork move to the top of the stack-- our boys have prayed for her nightly since learning of her name- will you join us?
Lastly- as you'll see by way of the thermometer to the right, we're just shy of the final funds necessary for the adoption. Would you consider making a tax deductible donation today? If everyone who reads this would donate $25 or even $30-- our goal would be met quickly. If you can do more, we would be honored. Perhaps you know of a business or corporation that would graciously make a year-end donation as a tax write-off. Please pass our story along to them, we'd be glad to provide any additional info needed.

     Most of all- will you take a few minutes right now, and thank God that you-- YOU are not an orphan. This holiday season, you'll (by God's grace) be able to spend time with Family and loved-ones and enjoy that precious time together...while tens of thousands of children around the world will not. They will be together in their respective orphanages, gathered with their roommates, and some awesome workers (who will and do work very hard at making things as meaningful as possible), yet without a FAMILY. We're all truly blessed, aren't we?

Trusting in His timing!
Jonathan, Michelle, Jaiden & levi