Friday, November 22, 2013

Daddy's help & Mother's consolation (Day 4)

Had a great day with Princess Claudia as well as of course, Prince Jaiden and Prince Levi, respectively. We woke early (around 6 am) and were lively from the word go! After a nice bowl of ceral for breakfast (and for those wondering, no I will not include every-single-Facebook-worthy-status-event), we went along with our host Lisa, and three of her children to a local park for the morning. 

We were met at the park by our lawyer and the Adoptions office psychologist. They wanted to see more interactions with all of us and ensure that everyone is adjusting well. Apparently, we are because after about an hour, they left and told us they'd see us on Tuesday when we will take Claudia out of the orphanage for good. Wow, just writing that gives me goosebumps, she-Claudia, this precious bundle of life that was abandoned at 10 months old and has lived in an orphanage for all these years, will leave for the final time. 

Back to our day. We enjoyed our time at the park, running around, swinging, sliding, see-sawing (is that a word?) and even trying our hand at the monkey bars. Here's where daddy comes in- there was a precious set of eyes that glanced our way and signed- "Daddy, help" so, naturally I obliged. Although, it's nothing different than how I respond when the boys ask for help- there's something special about being asked that question from my princess. 

After our playtime, we decided it was time to see what a grocery store trip with three was like, we figured there was no time like the present so off we went. It was fun, we got all the necessary items and didn't lose anyone to boot! 

Just before dinner, it was deemed necessary that all kids bathe as they had also spent time playing on the playground here at Efata. This is where a Mommy's consolation comes in. Apparently this reminded Claudia of one of her care-takers and she became weepy. Michelle was able to console her, and reassure her of the fact that we love her and care about her. We know these times/feelings will come and go, we just pray for wisdom to respond the best we can- with unconditional love and support. 

Sans all the extra dirt, we enjoyed another family meal and then some more quality time. Claudia went to sleep comfortably after our "loves" and a family prayer. God is good. 

Jaiden & Levi are GREAT brothers to her. They themselves are doing very well and of course we're trying our best to make sure they know that our relstionship(s) with them haven't changed at all...that there's enough love to go around. We're humbled to see the love in their heart for this precious girl, who they know little about, just as if she had been a part of our family for her entire life. 

We covet your prayers that over the weekend and first part of next week- we'll continue to bond, and that The Lord will continually be honored. That said- have you ever wondered about whether or not God really loves you? Shouldn't His mere sacrifice on the cross be proof enough? Struggle with the thought of that? Just takes faith. The same amount of faith it took Claudia to believe "Daddy, Mommy & brothers" were gonna fly in on a big airplane to meet her and take her home. She believed people when they told her, evidenced by her telling everyone she met... She believed these people because she TRUSTED them. Who in your life can/should you trust about big life decisions? 

Much love. 

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