Thursday, November 21, 2013

A day of firsts (Day 3)

Our internet connection for the next few days may be touch and go, we're certainly grateful that we have ANY connection but it's nothing like what we're used to, so we appreciate your patience while we try and keep in touch and keep everyone posted. 

You just want to know if we met our special Princess, right? Well- you do remember how one keeps another in suspense, don't you? By not writing this blog fast enough- that's how. (Did we succeed?) 

Well, today was indeed a day of firsts. We had the privilege of meeting Claudia for the first time. We had our first interaction, our first gift exchange, our first hugs, our first walk, our first time of swinging together, our first tears, our first hair-brushing, shoe-tying and our first PB&J dinner with Chips & Oreos. We even showed Claudia how to eat an Oreo correctly by opening it up and licking the filling. Michelle also just had the first snuggles till-she-fell asleep (she, being Claudia of course). 

It's certainly been an emotional day to say the least. We've had some happy moments, as well as some sad ones. Claudia is still, of course, adjusting to the idea that we are her family now and that she will be with us permanently. She initially loved the idea that we were here, but she wanted the comforts of what she has always known- her dorm (her friends/caregivers/bed etc.) At the recommendation of the leaders here we certainly want to be flexible for Claudia, but at the same time- encouraging her to stay with us and play/talk/eat...and hopefully sleep. As I write, She has stirred some and has a curious look about her. We've just assured here we are here, we are Dad & Mom and that we love her. I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through her little mind. 

It's in this that I'm reminded of my relationship with Christ- sometimes I want only the benefit of being a Christian (going to Heaven) but I want all the pleasures of MY life... May I learn, that only HE knows best and it's only in daily surrendering to Him that I may find true joy.  

We are truly humbled again and again by this experience, and know that this is just the beginning. Thank you all for your continued prayers, support and kind words! Please continue to join us along this exciting journey. Talk to you tomorrow. 

P.S. for consistency's sake- we are going to try and refer to Claudia as such until we can legally change her name and begin teaching her that. 
P.S.S. We will not be posting pictures until after court. 


  1. I have been there on that day of firsts and your blog brought happy tears to my eyes. you guys enjoy and be blessed.

  2. I can't put into words what my heart is feeling - but it is both bursting with happiness for you as well as knowing all the complexities you must be experiencing right now. And i am praying that God open's Claudia's heart over the days, so that she may know your love for her resembles His love - unconditional, unlimited, and unstoppable! Blessings, Susan


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