Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One BIG step...of Many (Day 8)

Today we "checked-out" of the orphanage and the mixed emotions continued for all of us, but especially for C (more on that in a bit). In the short time we were there (all but about 1.5 days since we arrived 8 days ago), we grew to love the people there and their hearts to reach other people with the love of God. It's a special place indeed, and many, many people are better off both physically and spiritually because of their dedication to love those who many have considered UN-loveable.

Back to the "Big step" taken today. After passing the initial 'probation' period, EFATA and the adoptions Office released C into our care for a 7 day period outside the orphanage. By God's grace- the bonding process continues to move along and she is obviously adjusting very well to our family. The Adoptions office staff are continuously amazed at how well C is doing. We, of course, know it's only by God's providence that this is happening and it's only because of Him that this is happening.

We signed two sets of paperwork today agreeing to provide care for C over the next 7 days apart from the Orphanage.
             Michelle signing first set of paperwork from the EFATA Orphanage 

After leaving the adoptions office, we took C to the doctor for a check-up, just as a precaution just to ensure there's nothing of concern before she returns to the doctor in a few weeks for her final medical exit clearance to go to the US. Afterwards, we made our way over to the house we'll be staying at for the duration of our time here. Once again, we're so humbled at God's goodness in providing this place for us to stay at no cost! Anyhow, C was visibly upset and began to cry when she realized that Lisa was leaving and that we wouldn't be going with her. Thankfully, Mommy was able to hold her and console her- just as she (or I) have been able to do over the last few days when those sad times hit. Within an hour or so, it was as if someone flipped a switch, she became very animated and enjoyed playing games, sitting with each of us, and being tickled. We had an awesome evening! She even loved on her "Tio" and "Tia" (our hosts) before they left on their trip home to the US for Thanksgiving. (We decided it would be less confusing for her if we referred to them as such, rather than Michelle's Uncle's Cousin & husband). The boys truly enjoyed seeing her excitement and communicating with her. She was more communicative tonight in a few hours than she had been most of the time over the last few days.

How do you describe "F-A-M-I-L-Y"? C described it quite simply at one point tonight. Tia plugged in the Christmas tree and when C noticed, she too lit-up, pointed at it and then to each of us in the room and said "Family." Guess what- there's NOTHING under the tree, just PEOPLE together in a room. She sees life for it's simplicity- being loved and cared for. Have you made life too complicated? There's only one place you can find true, everlasting peace and joy and here's a hint- it's not in stuff or people- both will let you down and some point in life. We pray that because of God's work in our hearts, C will one day understand God's love for her and receive His gift of Salvation. 

Talk to you again tomorrow! 

P.S. Forgot to share this picture of some of the "Gran Fiesta de Helado" (Grand Ice Cream Party) Indeed, it was so much fun!  

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