Saturday, November 23, 2013

Emotionally draining... (Day 5)

If you've ever been through an adoption process- you know that if anything can be said about it, the term "emotionally draining" would fit quite well. Last night & today has been especially so. We've just passed the 48 hour mark of having Claudia with us in the guest house here on the Orphanage's campus. Although she went to bed on her own last night, without asking for her "dorm," she has had some rough moments here and there where it seems she is 'homesick.' Naturally, we can't even begin to imagine the thoughts running through her mind. One can only imagine the fear/excitement/wonder that she has and continues to experience.

We continually remind her of our love for her and are making every effort to ensure stability. We are confident that with time...she will grow more comfortable and understanding of our love and concern for her. Jaiden & Levi continue to do great, caring for their sister and ensuring that she is safe.

Please continue to pray for us as we bond & move closer to Tuesday- the day the officials will declare that Claudia is to leave the orphanage and live with us temporarily here in Peru before we go to court for the official hearing. Although we're looking forward to that because it's one step closer to going home, we hate to leave the Orphanage. Our hosts (The Kotvas family and many other staff here) have been SO generous and hospitable, it's humbling. Then there's the kids...can't even begin to describe the joy it's been to love on the kids here. Granted, a lot of them are children of the staff & teachers, but then there's the ones who soak up love & attention. What a joy it's been to push them on a swing, encourage them along the monkey bars, or kick a ball along. Children are a gift from the Lord, and having the privilege of loving those who've not been treated as such is truly an honor.

Tomorrow is election day here in Peru- no public meetings are permitted on such days, so we don't have the privilege of attending any Church services. Meanwhile- we should be able to eat some pretty neat food. I'm sure that will make it's way into tomorrow's post somehow.

Much love to each of you for your continued prayers, thoughts and expressions of love. Please keep in touch- it's encouraging to know these things!

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  1. Awesome! Ya'll are an inspiration! Cherish this time of bonding and experiencing what too few of us will ever appreciate. Your legacy is tremendous already! Imagine what God will do through your influence with Claudia and the boys! Give Jaiden & Levi a hug from me! Be safe!


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