Monday, November 25, 2013

Mixed emotions (Day 7)

What a day! We enjoyed another day of time together as a family on the Orphanage Campus today. It's been very nice to sit together and do what feels like 'nothing' at times, however we know it is only in these times that formidable ties will form and continue to grow. Granted, we are actually doing SOMETHING- just not the normal fast-paced life as it's known in the US. We've enjoyed lots of matching games, coloring, Curious George (C enjoys watching the animation), dolls (yes, it's started and I love it), swinging on the play ground, & good old-fashioned snuggles.

I had the privilege of spending some time with local community & Ministry interpreters this afternoon talking about the profession of Interpreting. I'm certainly no expert, but I enjoyed sharing some of my experience and encouraging them to strive to be the best interpreters they can be, and to use their profession & ministry to be a blessing to other people.

After said meeting, we had an interesting experience- and it even made Fox news. We had been warned that we may experience some tremors, and that most likely it would be over as soon as we realized what it was. However- this one was fairly more significant than what they usually experience here in Lima. As you read in the report- it was a 5.8 and no injuries or damage was reported. It was definitely a surreal experience. We're grateful that it was not any more significant.

We ended the day with an Ice Cream party for all. Some friends suggested the idea and we had been thinking of doing something for all the kids and staff here, and it seemed like the most "FLAVOR"ABLE plan. All in all, about 80 of us enjoyed Sundaes with banana slices, chocolate straws and whipped topping (while it lasted). It was an honor for our family to 'sweeten' the day and raise all the kids blood sugar before sending them back to their dorms for bed. If there's one thing we've been reminded of over and over the last few weeks- it's that as Americans, we take TOO MANY things for granted.

After the party, we retreated back to our apartment for the final night's stay here (tomorrow we'll move to another location in Lima where we'll spend the remainder of our time), and it was evident that C knew as much. Poor thing was very emotional. It was certainly hard on Daddy & Mommy to know that her little heart is so full of so many mixed emotions. Please keep her (and us) in your prayers, that she'll be comforted in the fact that although she may experience new places & people- Daddy, Mommy & brothers will be there WITH her to experience those. As I write, she is sleeping peacefully near me and knowing that I was able to hold her as she cried to sleep, as hard as it was- I'm so thankful that I was able do so. On that note- I think I have a clearer picture yet again of my relationship with God- how many times does He look at me while I'm wringing my hands in a worrisome state about the unknown? He simply looks down as if to say- 'Son, I know what's next...and what's next after that...and all you have to do is stick with Me, TRUST ME, and it will all be okay.'

Thanks again for keeping up with our journey!

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