Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hurry up & Wait (Day 1)

Well, that's about the best way to sum up today's activities. As we said yesterday though, God is Providential! The short of the long is- the final document that MIMP (Peruvian Children & family services), needed wasn't generated by the US embassy until today. This document should be delivered to MIMP tomorrow (Wednesday) and as long as it is, we'll be able to meet her on Thursday afternoon and will not have to part ways after that, except maybe at night (for the first few nights, she may sleep in the dorm as she's used to doing). 

All in all, today was a great day- Jaiden and Levi got to meet some other kids and have some fun, we got to see parts of Lima as we went food shopping and then to the meeting at MIMP today (which is where we went today and had our first meeting with the attorney and psychologist). It's been a long day after having arrived at midnight and not getting to bed until roughly 2 am. 

Tomorrow we'll enjoy some sight-seeing and time with the boys since we have the extra day to wait. As the psychologist asked Michelle today- "will it be hard on you to wait 2 more days to meet your daughter?" Answer- "Of course it's not easy, but we've waited three years to get to this point, what's a few more days." 

Some things transpired after the fact today that reminded us once again- God, in His providence...is good. More details on those things later...

Day 1- done. Good night. 

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