Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bonding through laughter (Day 12)

We enjoyed a fairly lazy Saturday. It started with a wonderful breakfast that Michelle put together (a challenge when you have to go to a store that you don't know anything about or where anything is...and if you'll even find what you're looking for) complete with delicious bacon and omelettes. It was a very good meal, especially since we're all having moments of being 'homesick.' On that note, it's hard to believe we've only been here 12 days as in some ways it feels like it's been weeks. However, we're eternally grateful for the time we've had and it's certainly been a spite of it's challenges.

Speaking of challenges- if anyone ever tries to tell you that adoption is an easy journey, slap them. OK, please- don't do that, I was kidding of course. It's amazing how quickly the stress of a journey like this will wear on one's mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual state. We're blessed to be here TOGETHER, and with all three of our kids, as who knows how much more stressful it would be if the boys would've stayed in the US. God's grace is most certainly sufficient though, and we know that comes by His providence (He SAID we would have more than enough grace for the times we needed it), and yet it's also because of YOUR prayers and support that we are able to rest peacefully at night knowing that "God's got this, and He's got us!"

A HUGE reminder of how "He's got this..." came tonight when we were putting the kids to bed. Well, Levi had already fallen asleep while we were watching a movie (although, he just said he was going to rest his parents know how that goes). Before I continue, in yesterday's post we mentioned how well the bonding process is moving along, for which we're humbly grateful! Anyhow, we were laying C down in her bed and Jaiden was there with us, we were having a few laughs when C let out a big SIGH with a huge smile on her face. It was as if she was letting us know how peaceful she felt. She proceeded to giggle a little...then a little more...and then as we laughed together, we found more things funny (tickling her, tickling her dolls, calling each other silly, telling daddy to kiss her dolls on the cheek, etc) the laughing and silliness went on for about half an hour. We thoroughly enjoyed going beyond 'bed time' to relish in the moment.

We're looking forward to being in our host's (David & Lala) Church tomorrow and worshiping our wonderful Savior with our Peruvian family. We trust that you too, are looking forward to worship tomorrow as well. Take time to relish in the freedom you have to do so- many around the world DON'T have the same freedoms we do. Last Sunday for example, no public meetings were permitted here in Peru due to the Election. Anyhow, if you ever struggle with being thankful, here's two things you can be thankful for- Freedom to worship & that you're not an Orphan sitting somewhere in an orphanage this Christmas.

Thank you for continuing to join us along this journey... as crazy FUN as it may be.

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