Monday, November 18, 2013

A journey of 1,000 miles....

Well, It's not just a journey of 1,000's actually a journey of 3,296 miles (according to Google). and along the way we've experienced many joys, trials, fears & faith-growing experiences.

I remember the day it began, almost like it was yesterday. I know for sure that it definitely wasn't yesterday, it was a little over 3 years ago (October 10th, 2010). It began over a nice Lunch (Chinese food in fact, as I was reminded the other day) with some friends. Can we just say that it was providential? It was... You see- it starts way back when my brother met a young lady (this may seem strange, but stick with me), they became friends...then began dating...well, you know what comes next. So, we're in Jacksonville, Fl for their wedding. His bride just so "happens to be" (Providence) from there. The day following their wedding, we visit a Church that my family attended when I was a child. Afterwards- we join the Pastor & his family for lunch. As we talked, the subject of adoption came up. You see, our friends were in the middle of their adoption journey (again-Providence) and we began sharing our desire to adopt.

Why the desire to adopt? It was something we had discussed early on in our relationship- you know, the kind of talk a couple has when getting serious about Marriage- how many kids, where do we live etc. We thought this was something that we would do 'someday.' In talking with our friends, it was recommended that we start the adoption process 3-5 years ahead of the time we wanted to welcome another child into our home. The discussion continued...(we talked about details such as where we wanted to adopt from, the age, the sex etc.) It was almost in slow motion that we heard the next statement out of Tricia's mouth- "I got a call from the orphanage the other day and they're looking for a family for a specific child." She began to share the details she knew, then she said- "Pray about it, and let me know. I'll put you in touch with the Missionary family at the orphanage". (I may not be using the EXACT words...but you get the gist.)

We didn't have to pray long. Within just a few short days, we had a peace from God that this was HIS plan for our family. I could go on...and on...and on sharing all the details of this 3 year journey, but it would take hours to type it all out, and you might get tired of reading. Over the following month- we'll do our best to share more of our journey and the awesomeness of God in it. We believe God has ordained this journey...and in doing so, He orchestrated EVERY. SINGLE. STEP (or in today's case- MILE.)

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  1. The providence goes even further back than that. I was Joe's Sunday School teacher at Trinity for a while.

    There's a book in this. I have been working on it little by little.

    Love you,



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