Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walking while waiting (Day 2)

The best stress reliever and time passer (ok that's probably not the best English, but I'm writing this...not you...ok, maybe there's still a tinge of stress, ha.)

Anyhow, today we had the awesome privilege of exploring several parts of Lima since we had the extra day while we wait on a final piece of paperwork. (Questions, see yesterday's post.)

We explored part of the San Isidro district (where we're staying), and saw beautiful flowers, parks & architecture.

The boys, Michelle and I enjoyed being outdoors and exploring the area. We saw lots of people, and although we didn't have any conversations beyond the typical salutations- everyone seemed very friendly. We returned "home" and the weather was so gorgeous that it was nice to have the doors and windows open. While we were waiting for our next adventure, Michelle was flipping channels on the TV and notice something pretty neat, a Sign Language interpreter on the government and news channels here in Peru.

After lunch, we rode along with our host to the MiraFlores district (where she and her husband lived until recently), as she had some business there. The boys and I were able to get much needed haircuts while in that part of town. In fact- just as many things I've heard, seen & done, it took me back to my time in Mexico as a teenager (silly, I know but hey- nostalgia hits at random times). Anyhow, point is- haircuts are done and it only cost about $15 for all 3 of us, can't beat that. We then meandered a few blocks over to the coastline where our host showed us the outdoor mall before she left us to return home. We took the next few hours to leisurely wander a few miles to the lighthouse. We enjoyed many beautiful sights and things along the way.
(Lest you begin to chastise us, there's ground underneath them- I believe this is called artistic liberty.)

After letting the boys play in the park near the mall, we found ourselves (somewhat miraculously) inside a Starbucks (can anyone say White Choc Peppermint Mocha?!?!). We then decided on a local joint called Pardos Chicken for dinner. It was delicious food, an outstanding view and a great price, only about $30 for all of us. 

To cap of the day, when we returned to the place we're staying- our attorney called to inform us that everything is in place for our 2PM meeting tomorrow at MIMP where we'll move quickly to the orphanage to meet our Princess. Thankfully, we'll be able to spend the duration of our time with her. Starting at the orphanage tomorrow, until after Court next week sometime, then we'll move back here to the house in San Isidro where we'll remain until we return to the US. We're truly excited about tomorrow's events and ask that you'll join us in praying that God will be glorified. There will be several people in the room when we meet her for the first time to evaluate the reactions had by all- our prayer is that it will be such that they are astounded at the love in the room that can only come because of a relationship with the one who IS LOVE. 

Hope you're enjoying these posts. We enjoy having you along with us on this special journey. Please feel free to share this blog with others so that they can enjoy it as well. 


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  1. Praying today went well and you are now getting to know sweet Claudia! Gorgeous photos - can't wait to hear and see more. Blessings, Susan R


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