Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family "pho-toe" (Day 6)

Well, we can't really share a true family photo yet, at least not until after court... Which we hope will be soon. 

As I mentioned yesterday, today was an Election Day here in Peru and as a result- no public meetings could be held (Church services included). Kinda makes you appreciate the democracy we DO have in the US, regardless of what you may or may not like about our government. So...we started the day off right with some delicious Tamales and ended it with a trip to a local mall where we bought C her first toys (with her being present) as the adoptions office personnel want to see that we really care about her and apparently buying her something she wants shows that. Forgive my sarcasm- not until writing that did I realize how silly that sounds. Never mind the fact that we've spent 3 years of our lives working on this and spent THOUSANDS of dollars along the way. We know they want what's best for her. And for that we're grateful. 

Not much exciting news for today...unless you want to hear about my getting separated from Michelle, the kids & our host in the parking garage tonight. The plan was I would take the parking ticket to a self- pay kiosk and pre-pay for the exit...them meet up with them. Problem was, I went to the wrong exit...then back upstairs to look for them...then back to the wrong exit...then I waited, and then after circling 2 of the 3 floors (I knew they wouldn't be on the third floor)... I decided to lay prostrate in the middle of an empty space as that would get the attention I needed. Ok, not really- after talking to some of the garage attendants, and getting an email by way of our host's daughter- I was directed to the correct exit and reunited with my family...and we live happily forever after. 

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