Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Bash

So, this Wednesday, Feb 6th our Peruvian Princess (REALLY WISH WE COULD SHARE HER PICTURE) will celebrate her 5th birthday. We are trusting God that we'll be able to celebrate her next birthday together with a big party...and consider yourself invited! 

There's two things that stand between us being able going to get her and bring her home. The first thing, we can't do anything about, except Pray- and that is that the "powers that be" in Peru will finalize their review of our paperwork and return their observations. Normally, they come back "nit-picking" and ask for more documents (our Social Worker has anticipated this and had us get potential documents ready) however, we're trusting that God is big enough to guide these individuals toward making their final approval decision without asking for more documentation. The other thing that stands in the way is the funds needed for travel, lawyer/government fees and expenses while there in Peru for 30 (yes, T-H-I-R-T-Y days) when we ARE approved to get her. 

Here's a question- maybe you've kept up with our process, maybe this is the first time you've read our blog. Perhaps we're good friends, or maybe you are a friend of a friend reading this. Would you consider giving $30 towards our final expenses in honor of our Princess' birthday this Wednesday? "Why $30," you ask. Well- she turns 5 on the 6th, 5x6=30, hence $30. Perhaps you can't do $30, but you can do $20 or $25 or even $5, maybe you could spare $40 or more every little bit helps. If we can get just 200 people to give $30, that will get us over halfway to our goal. It would take 333 people (to be exact it's 333.33 people) giving $30 for us to meet the FINAL financial hurdle. Would you consider the cost of a birthday dinner for someone in your family at your restaurant of choice and donate that? Perhaps you eat out regularly on Wednesdays, since Wednesday Feb 6th is her birthday, would you consider doing something different and donate the money you would've spent to rescue a precious orphan and help her come home to her forever family?

 You can give through Lifesong for Orphans and get a tax receipt for your donation. You can donate online by clicking here. (Please take note that due to the fact any donations are processed through Paypal, there is a percentage taken out.)

Lastly, would you consider sharing this with your friends? Social media is a powerful tool and many lives have been changed as a result of efforts put forth on the web. Consider the following quote- 

"Adopting one child won't change the world, but for that one child- the world will change." (Unknown) 

Would you help spread the word so this one child's world can change?

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