Monday, February 11, 2013

"Birthday Bash" Update

HUGE thanks to the many people that took the challenge issued for our little girl's birthday last week. To date, that we're aware of (we're only able to get reports on specific days from Lifesong), we're at (drum roll please....) $701!!!!

That puts us that much closer to our goal!

That being said, we were informed of some that had tried to donate but had trouble with the PayPal link. After speaking to everyone we could, it appears that whatever issue there was- they assure us that it is no longer. So, if you had trouble donating last week, and you would be so kind as to try it again- we'd be eternally grateful.

Alternatively, the following link might also be used, however you need to provide some pertinent information so that it goes towards the correct adoption project. Please note that you're donating for the "Walterhouse Family, #2944"

Hopefully, we'll be able to announce some news soon about the status of our approval process in Peru. We're (trying to) wait patiently.

We're grateful to all of you for your prayers, donations and support! We love you.

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