Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Labor" any day now....

Where to start? 

How about apologizing for the LONG delay in updating everyone in this manner. So many of our supporters are those we encounter multiple times a week whether it be at church or work, or on facebook etc. It's easy to let something like this blog go for too long- consequently please accept our apologies. 

Moving on to the update- I suppose if I could summarize the last few months into just a few words regarding the progress it would be- Go God. We heard today that our paperwork is in it's final, yes FINAL review stage in Peru prior to receiving their observations.

This means that we could hear back at any given moment over the next few weeks...yet it could be more like a month. Any time one deals with a third-world government (or agency) things could come to a grinding halt at any given time. However, we're believing God that we'll soon get all the "green lights" necessary to make the travel arrangements to get our Princess. 

Looking back over the last few years as God has brought us down this road, we're so eternally grateful for EACH of you that have come along side us and helped in some way. Thousands have either prayed, served in projects, given financially or all three- and we're so thankful for each of you. One day, God willing a little precious "PeruMerican" Princess will be able to offer her gratitude as well for your generosity.

Please Pray with us regarding: 
        • Final MIMP reviewing process
        • Remaining Travel/In-Country Adoption Costs $10,000 plus cost of living in US while we're in Peru finalizing the adoption (bills still have to be paid while we're gone for 30 days).
        • Airfare

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