Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Tender Heart

Good morning friends!!

Thank you so much for your support & love during this time of waiting!  Your texts, calls and emails have been such an encouragement to my heart!

I wanted to share a sweet conversation we had last night - 
As we were on our way home from church, we were talking with our boys about bedtime and what they needed to do when we arrived home.  After hearing two "Yes Ma'ams", there were a few moments of silence before Jaiden spoke up.  He proceeded with the next question that brought both Jonathan & I to tears.  
"Mommy, does sister have to sleep on the floor?  I know she has the bear we made her.  We should have sent my old bed to her so she had a place to sleep."
Thank you Lord for giving them compassionate hearts for others!  I am SO thankful for our boys and their tender hearts and that their daddy is an awesome example of a compassionate heart!

Thank you Lord for pricking me heart and reminding me that life isnt all about me and what I want!!

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